Real Estate Pros Help You Sell Your Gainesville Home

Selling your home can be an emotional experience. Whether you lived in it for a couple of years or several decades, you probably made good memories in it, becoming attached to its pros and accustomed to its cons. But potential buyers who tour it are not as likely to look at it through love goggles. So, if you want to maximize your return on investment when selling a home in Gainesville, you have to treat selling your residence for what it is: a business transaction. Team Dynamo offers these insider tips for people who want to sell their homes quickly and easily.

Stage It

First impressions are crucial, and mastering them involves more than what is inside your house. Yes, it will help you to have consistent lighting and a pleasant or neutral smell inside your home. But ideally, potential buyers should be impressed with it from the moment they pull into the driveway. You can achieve this by incorporating your home’s surroundings into its complete-package look. If you have a yard or garden, make sure to landscape. Check the state of any ornaments, mailboxes, porches, etc. Decorating your home, even with elements that are not included in the sale of the house and that future homeowners will have to replace with their own, such as a nice car parked in the garage, makes your home look desirable.

Watch Out for Small Details

You might want to ask a friend to live in your house for a day and take note of anything that seems off or needs repair. This might be something small that poses no real obstacle to someone already settled in the home and that you may not notice anymore because you have grown accustomed to it, such as a wobbly table, loose cabinet hinge or paint chip. Avoid being embarrassed in front of potential buyers if they notice these do-it-yourself, easily fixable imperfections.

Make it Look New

Buyers know that your place has been lived in, but their eyes still want it to look new. Filth is probably the biggest dealbreaker for potential buyers, so make sure to deep clean your home when you decide to sell it and refresh it before each tour so visitors find it spotless. Moreover, if any areas of your home seem outdated, Gainesville real estate agents recommend investing in upgrades or renovations. Do not get tricked by the, “Why fix it if I’m going to be out of here soon?” mentality because most buyers will not want to have to fix things, especially shortly after moving in.

Remove Clutter

If you are still living in the home you are trying to sell, keep with you only essential belongings and put the rest in a storage unit. Keeping your home as empty as possible will make rooms and cabinets look bigger and allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living and storing their belongings there. Also, be sure to remove any personal items that would disrupt this fantasy, such as your family photos or any religious items.

Invest in Repairs & Inspections

Gainesville real estate professionals advise completing as many professional inspections on the property as possible. Examine your roof, sewer or septic system, heating and air conditioner and check for any pests or plumbing issues. This will make your home marketable and allow the buyer to make a true offer, aware of all its possible deficiencies or, hopefully, its pluses. It also gives you some bargaining power because even if other places are cheaper, yours looks like a bundle deal — pay now; do not worry about repairs for months.

Write a Homeowner’s Manual

Include all the receipts from any repairs and inspections, along with photographs and any information new homeowners might need to know about the property, in a book or folder that will work as a user’s manual for the new residents. You could give it to your real estate agent to show to visitors during house tours and promise to leave a copy with whoever buys the property. This could be a good idea if you think there is information about the place that you or your agent might forget to mention out loud.

Set the Right Price

Pricing a home correctly is the most important step toward selling it. It solves issues regarding location, home condition issues and market conditions. But sometimes it is difficult without professional help. Real estate agents know the prices at which any home will sell and at which a particular property would never sell. Work with a realtor in Gainesville to get home appraisals and study a competitive market analysis (CMA). In the end, your home is only worth what buyers are willing to pay.

Real Estate Brokers in Gainesville, FL

No matter how great your home is, not many people will see it without a good real estate agent. Contact Team Dynamo to find agents that will put your needs first and work hard to set the best price for your home. Call us today for more information or an appointment.